Melting Clouds – Time [SLNT123]

Dive to be free
Dive into the silence of life to completely clear the way
Silent rain and painting
Swaying endless waves
We sing in a dream
And go from the future to the past

  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 1. Time [24:00]

Levchenko Dmytro
Talaichuk Ivan

22 Jul 2020
Melting Clouds are trying not to limit themselves to any particular genre or style while constantly transforming. The reason is that the music they play goes beyond the threshold of 'just music', it has its own visual characters and philosophy which are entangled with other areas of art blurring the lines and united under the flag of Melting Clouds. As a result, one of the main goals is consolidation and synthesis of both musical palettes and various forms of art in order to create new vision of the process of creation. Also, one of the goals is to cooperate with people who have fresh ideas and the willingness to cooperate.