Silent Flow

ambient, experimental, jazz label

Eko Fisk – Psychopaths On The Western Frontier [SLNT109]

Travel to escape, at the end of the yellow line, distant gods and faded signs.

Ancient Astronaut – Through the Tunnel of Love [SLNT108]

Ambient-space music designed to help enjoy relaxation, a peaceful state of mind and creativity.

The Ocioso Blues Project – Música para Salas Velatorias [SLNT107]

The last disc of a trilogy that began with the album "Hipocondríaco" and continued with the album "De algo hay que morir"

Julian Ross – Retrospective [SLNT106]

Some kind of concept on the misleading shades of time

Philippe Zulaica - Aliasing [SLNT105]

Spontaneous, immediate, organic. The result of a slow evolution of a raw material constantly rediscovered.

Nemeton – Ocean of Plasticity [SLNT104]

Plastic pollution of the world's oceans is now recognised as a major environmental issue. This piece explores how marine ecosystems are being transformed as a result of this pollution.

Twilight Kamikaze - A Drive with Elise [SLNT103]

It can seriously influence your body chemistry by freak-frequencies.

Eko Fisk – Hypnagogia [SLNT102]

Sounds from the space between sleep and waking, where the subconscious takes control.

Bledi Boraku – Tha [SLNT101]

"Tha" is a truly remarkable achievement that should be enjoyed in it's entirety to guarantee the best listening experience possible.

Various Artists – 100th Anniversary Compilation [SLNT100]

For the 100th release we've invited artists who significantly contributed to our label and by their music formed what "Silent Flow" is today.

Urban Bosque – 2n Body [SLNT099]

Urban Bosque intends to establish the relationship between the electricity, as a generator of sound, and the energy (mechanical, wind, electric) that comes from the body that excites the various acoustic instruments.

Jazzdefector & Nulix – North SW [SLNT097]

Compass is useless where we're heading.

Eko Fisk – Badwater [SLNT096]

A man wakes up at the side of a road in Death Valley, California. He wonders if he might be dead.

Kurgan Hors – Palus est [SLNT095]

"Palus est" was born as a soundtrack to an old story never written, it’s emerged from my dreams. Story set in northern Italy's swampland where strange presences inhabit or pass. Living and mysterious nature. I’ve seen it. I tell it with sound.
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