Silent Flow

ambient, experimental, jazz label

Monty Cash & Solange Niessen – A Guided Dream [SLNT134]

"You have come a long way in this world, and you are ready to explore a new way.. a way that is not usual..."

Eko Fisk – Look North [SLNT133]

We flew over a thousand years, travelled a vast distance. And when we got there, we were somewhere else. Then the Thunderbird took off her mask. She looked just like us.

Singularity Observatory – This Singularity Within Us [SLNT132]

A deep look inside the heart and mind, under the influence of that gigantic gravity experience.

Singularity Observatory – Songs From The Lost Twilight Hotel [SLNT131]

It is set at the near edge of the Event Horizon of the supermassive black hole "Saggitarius - A", at the heart of our very own galaxy home.

Singularity Observatory – Songs From The Event Horizon [SLNT130]

This album is the first part of a diary-storytelling, collections of emotions and observations. A deep look inside the heart and mind, under the influence of that gigantic gravity experience.

In This Place There Is No End – The Traveler [SLNT129]

From electronica and indietronic to dark ambient music, played dawless and live in the moment of existence.

Twilight Kamikaze – Believer [SLNT128]

It will take you deeper into the rabbit hole of the extravagant, dystopic industrial world of dark indielectro music created by Doc.AtmosfearCrush.

Eko Fisk – Atoll [SLNT127]

A bomb, an animal. Wings in inappropriate places, lungs like islands. Luminescent iris of the sea.

Substak – Days Gone [SLNT126]

Days Gone take us back to the days of isolation, where we were all looking for ways to stay active or to escape

Anihma & Doc.AtmosfearCrush – In This Other World [SLNT125]

An audio tryptichon of contemporary, dark ambient lullabies.

In Vitro – Modulandi [SLNT124]

Musica est scientia bene modulandi... A search of the sensitive soul through the mystical and mathematical qualities of sound. Soundscapes based on exploration on both, the human and the spiritual levels. Music not as an answer but as a question.

Melting Clouds – Time [SLNT123]

Dive into the silence of life to completely clear the way

Melting Clouds – II [SLNT122]

Crystal dust through two paths - magnets with the same pole.

Kelebek Evrimi – The Butterfly's Burden [SLNT120]

A unique ethno-western mix of Turkish/Bulgarian traditional music with western styles, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ivitsa of Alshar Studio in Skopje, North Macedonia.
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