Silent Flow

ambient, experimental, jazz label

Eko Fisk – Hypnagogia [SLNT102]

Sounds from the space between sleep and waking, where the subconscious takes control.

Bledi Boraku – Tha [SLNT101]

"Tha" is a truly remarkable achievement that should be enjoyed in it's entirety to guarantee the best listening experience possible.

Various Artists – 100th Anniversary Compilation [SLNT100]

For the 100th release we've invited artists who significantly contributed to our label and by their music formed what "Silent Flow" is today.

Urban Bosque – 2n Body [SLNT099]

Urban Bosque intends to establish the relationship between the electricity, as a generator of sound, and the energy (mechanical, wind, electric) that comes from the body that excites the various acoustic instruments.

Jazzdefector & Nulix – North SW [SLNT097]

Compass is useless where we're heading.

Eko Fisk – Badwater [SLNT096]

A man wakes up at the side of a road in Death Valley, California. He wonders if he might be dead.

Kurgan Hors – Palus est [SLNT095]

"Palus est" was born as a soundtrack to an old story never written, it’s emerged from my dreams. Story set in northern Italy's swampland where strange presences inhabit or pass. Living and mysterious nature. I’ve seen it. I tell it with sound.

Philippe Zulaica – L’inquietude [SLNT094]

"The album L’Inquietude is made of improvisations recorded in 2015 and 2016. They are then cut, stacked, sampled and re-orchestrated in a quick and intuitive process close to improvisation. As I usually do since 2001, many fragments of earlier recordings and albums are also reused, processed and handled in loops or textures."

The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – Cathedral [SLNT093]

Cathedral is composed of acoustic and electronic music employing a rich palette of technology and emotion. Step into the depths of another Bio-cinematic landscape and lose yourself in the progressive dark ambient world of the Kinoslav Studio Orchestra.

Dyb – Drifting Images [SLNT092]

Each sound is a color that was filling the blank canvas of his home studio, executed in the dark and at a high volume to immerse in the restless ocean of the sounds that embrace these feelings exposed to the listener. He hopes to sit and be captured by them. Three compositions that form this album are the result of improvisation and catharsis.

North Hive – Arrow [SLNT091]

"I think, while working on this release I’ve finally approached the line beyond which my own role in the process of creation is minimized. During two working months the overall concept was changed so many times, that I’ve finally realized there’s no need for it. Sometimes the material seemed to evolve separately, on its own, leaving me only a mechanical work to record what was happening."

Nemeton – Unmotion [SLNT090]

This set of pieces was inspired by the word "unmotion", which originates from a poem by E. E. Cummings. The word implies a condition of stasis, a lack of movement, a moment of tranquility.

omar el abd – Dulcet Noise [SLNT089]

With no preconceived concept or structure the building blocks of Dulcet Noise were improvised.

Robert G. Rough – Household Accidents [SLNT088]

Psychoacoustic treatment to erase your mind from glitches and defects.

10 Waves Of You – Fields Of Venus [SLNT087]

Dynamic melancholia from Italian musician Luca Crivellaro. "Fields of Venus" are the places to go when you are alone, curious and numb.

Edge Of October – Shores Of The Subconscious [SLNT086]

It’s like you’re sitting on a deserted seashore at night. Steadily waves move closer and closer to you. After a while you feel your feet are wet, but you don’t care and keep staring at water full of your own thoughts. The tide continues to rise. Finally you realize that you’re already underwater surrounded by darkness – the perfect spot for you to think.

The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – Fields Of Hope And Grain [SLNT085]

A soundtrack to a noir film with you as the main character. The guitars and violin create an unusual scenario for you to withstand.

North Hive – Gaia [SLNT084]

The main idea of the album "Gaia" is a journey round the worlds of John Cunningham Lilly, which he described in his work “The center of the cyclone”. While creating this album, we wanted to convey the atmosphere of those spaces in the sound field, which he discovered.

Dyb – Emerge [SLNT083]

Emerge is the sound of fear, frustration, joy, pain, a small treasure we wish to share.

Angstrom Institute – Musiq Extrem [SLNT082]

Doc. AtmosfearCrush continues to push the borders of electronic music.

DR – Sketches [SLNT081]

Another lost fight with insomnia.

Matthew VandenBrook – In The Distance [SLNT080]

In the distance one can hear thunder. Systematic, obnoxious, threatening. In the distance one can see lightning. Slight, beautiful, full of promise.

North Hive & Tile Shore – Homeworld [SLNT079]

Homeworld is a symmetry of soundscapes, a scene from two different point of views, a double journey experience.

Robert Farrugia – They Glistened Sharply Through Morning Dew [SLNT078]

A Neo-classical influence is woven throughout Robert Farrugia’s work, and in this particular release one can find an array of elements ranging from ringing piano tones and soothing timbres.

Whispering Souls – Petrichor [SLNT077]

Whispering Souls is a mixture of Orchestral and electronic music, taking influence from artists such as Bjork, Amon Tobin, Hans Zimmer and Saltillo.

The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – Kenosis [SLNT076]

"Kenosis" encapsulates work undertaken through great spiritual and emotional upheaval. The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra worked in their south studio in Rock Island, Illinois to produce another work of cinematic bio-fusion.

Angstrom Institute – Origin Of Ghosts [SLNT075]

Inspired by the whole Cyberpunk genre, like Neuromancer, Ghost in a Shell, Bladerunner – Angstrom Institute takes you on a journey of storytelling. It quite seems we’re already live in such utopia times...

Andrew Henry – Washington [SLNT074]

Washington is Andrew Henry’s 23rd release as a solo artist and his first on Silent Flow.

Filip Szyszkowski – Receive The Signal [SLNT073]

Receive the message. Flow the system.

Melting Clouds – Erlkonig [SLNT072]

Welcome to the dark and mysterious forest full of supernatural creatures. Strange yet attractive beings are willing to show you their home.

Orrorin Daydream – Like A Lioness [SLNT071]

Some visions mark our retina for long. How to advance through sometimes dark, sometimes clear paths of our memories. How can we transform the despicable souvenir into a floating and comforting strength.

The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra – ICON [SLNT070]

If life is a bio-cinematic experience, let the soundtrack be excellent.

Matthew VandenBrook – At Night / Breathe [SLNT069]

At night I cannot sleep. Haven’t in years. Breathe. Breathe. Eventually sleep will come.

Nirgoona Project – Aloft [SLNT068]

"Aloft" will be your very special moment for relax in evening or night.

DR – Fernweh [SLNT067]

"I am again in a mood to break out and search a place or way to be myself, and live my life."

Angstrom Institute – Better Than Life [SLNT066]

The album starts with the epic title-song "Better Than Life" and brings the listener directly into the dystopic shady worlds of Angstrom Institute.

North Hive – Immersion [SLNT065]

The work on the "Immersion" album started right after the release of "Cera Alba" and is a continuation of experiments with granular synthesis based on field recordings. Random generators were actively used for some of the synths to liven up and individualize the mise en scene.

Sozu Project – Introspection [SLNT064]

Three tracks on the path towards the introspection. Three steps into meditation… and return. An attempt to explore a minimal environment creating a contrast between extreme frequencies… quiet butsneaky and almost hostile!

Sobria Ebrietas – Esion [SLNT063]

Following several albums, EP’s and many sonic & visual collaborations spanning through 20 years, this search asserted itself and opened out to create a unique and unclassable soundscape still true to its original quest: the love of Sound.

Under The Complex – Pantheos [SLNT062]

Good or bad emotions... they construct us. "Pantheos" is a mixture of some experiences and feelings, translated into an unconventional musical structure, sometimes beautiful, sometimes grotesque.

Filip Szyszkowski – Branches [SLNT061]

An empty room. Solitude mixed with drugs. Branches hit the glass.

Wavespan & Andjru Werderitsch – Variation : Repetition [SLNT060]

A synthesis of nature and technology. Environmental soundscapes. An exploration of ancient technology (didjeridu, jaw harp, flute, harmonium, percussion) and modern technology (synthesizer, field recordings, electric guitar, electric bass, signal processing, live looping).

Sozu Project – Requiem [SLNT059]

The idea of giving a soundtrack to a possible post-mortem world has always stimulated the imagination of many composers. Usually, this idea makes its way into the final part of our existence... There is no indication that tells us about the lenght of our life, so a Requiem could be the best debut. Starting from a body abandoned to the buzzing of the flies, imaging a journey of the soul through opened and bright spaces, in contrast to the dark and melancholic mortal condition.

DR – December [SLNT058]

What would you do on cold and sleepless December nights? Probably stare in a window and think about the stuff that happened to you throughout the year. "December" is just the right thing to get you in the mood.

Przemyslaw Pajak – Shattered Things [SLNT057]

Using effects pedals and field recordings I wanted the tracks to sound very simple and pure. The idea for that concept came up, it was clear as light, which must have something to do with the dark feelings I had before. There was something in me which wanted to use this contrast me.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 030 [BRE030]

Selected ambience to get you back on the track on these cold December days. Have a nice journey.

Inner Place – Departure [SLNT056]

This departure is to a different place in biosphere. The traveller should remain cold and abstinent to reach true Silence.

Angstrom Institute – Unamica [SLNT055]

"We build better worlds" Weyland-Yutani

Melting Clouds – Leg Pulll-ll-l [SLNT054]

"Leg Pulll-ll-l" is an unbelievable ambient pattern of professionally melted sounds. It's a journey you'd wish to repeat over and over.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 029 [BRE029]

Even more dynamic and wide collection of great netlabel tracks which will make your summer evenings brighter. Serve cold.

Monolith Cycle – Gateway [SLNT053]

"Gateway" is about crossing time through the darkness and approaching the light. It’s a leap to the springhead of reality. There’s a gateway between what is too far away and unattainable, a portal between existence and nothing, the one way to achieve eternal peace and escape the unrest.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 028 [BRE028]

The long awaited collection of abstract thoughts and unspoken words. A transition from calm ambience to painfully noisy beats.

Kosta T – Hopelessness [SLNT052]

"Hopelessness" is a collection of violin improvisations accompanied with accordion, cello and some others. The sound is permeated with deep dramatic melancholia as well as the feeling of something old, yet familiar. This release could be a great soundtrack to a film noir or a world war movie.

Melting Clouds – Punkt [SLNT051]

Unexpected events change our place of residence. Uncontrollable power of free movement of energy washes visibility ways and unlike items.

Clayton Alpha – Korsakoff II [SLNT050]

Korsakoff II is the final part of the Korsakoff EP series. The main inspiration has been the Korsakoff Syndrome (a neurological disorder leading to gradual loss of memory) and the photographic work of Daniel Meade. When segments of memory vanish, something always takes their place; be it a smile that was never there or the warmth of a place we only thought that existed. These little details conclude to new stories, they are part of a lifetime we will never unravel.

Natbird – Aimless [SLNT049]

The best way to find yourself is to lose your way entirely.

Engraved Memories – From Sparkling Hours In Stillness [SLNT048]

"From sparkling hours in stillness" is an otherworldly score devoted to nostalgic awareness, to deep thoughtfulness, to the feelings of loss and remembrance.

Anton Gribkov & Double Bass – Oceania [SLNT047]

“Oceania” – is an essential volume of ambient works by Anton Gribkov with different musicians and projects recorded in Russia in 1999-2007.

Melting Clouds – Macadam [SLNT046]

Macadam – afflux without enveloping space. Waves of dissolving time. Feeling like a bright flame, which is above the mountains.

Clayton Alpha – Korsakoff I [SLNT045]

"Korsakoff I" is an attempt to design sound for four movie sequences. Artist's goal was to create a specific mood for each track and to keep melodies at a fragmental stage. Each track's sound is relevant to a certain place that Clayton wishes that the listener can imagine while listening to the music.

Aphotic Starfield – An Arena Of Open Sky [SLNT044]

"An Arena Of Open Sky" is a departure from Aphotic Starfield's old style, or possibly a combination of the new and the old. Focusing on themes of natural beauty and wonder, this album explores different sounds and different landscapes as it progresses, culminating as powerfully as it began.

Onichomp – 86ES [SLNT043]

Onichomp’s first ambient release, first time trying to put a decent amount of emotion into the sound. This EP mainly concentrates on the sound of depression and emptiness, or sometimes just the feeling that your mask of sanity may slowly be slipping away.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 027 [BRE027]

Ever wondered how it is like to be at the top of the mountain and deep underwater at the same time?

Tetarise – To The Undercover Dimension [SLNT042]

After everyday rush and endless weekdays I usually have a feeling that reality is seeming, unreal. The real me lives far away in a parallel world.I walk the grassy slopes there, I swim among the waves of turquoise sea, I fly over snow-white mountains. And each times elusive music accompanies me. It's like a key which helps me to unlock the door to the over world.

In Vitro & Nulix – Nuevos Tiempos [SLNT041]

This work involves new techniques of In Vitro’s sound production, partly taken from the ‘yosoyunotrotu’ project. Music is inspired by the desire of a new time, another possible world, many better worlds. Focused on making spontaneous textures of sound and strong doses of improvisation Nulix completes perfectly this circle with his unique treatment of resonant waves of energy.

Lingua Lustra – Geometrik [SLNT040]

With this release I wanted to express the feelings of living in an urban environment, being struck by a certain colour, thoughts about mankind sharing this beautiful planet, and my fascination with geometrics.

Eric Jackson – The Distant [SLNT039]

A voyage into long-form composition.

Cryxuss – Ethereal Creature [SLNT038]

Composed between January and March 2012, "Ethereal Creature" is an album in which I tried to express some feelings that I'm testing in this period of my life, most of all the feeling of uncertainty. But, even if we are not sure of what we have to do or what we want to do in life, I think there will be anyway a part of our soul that dreams and hopes, and that will not be defeated by any period of difficulty. That's, in my opinion, the ethereal creature that lives in everyone.

jmdkm – Mila [SLNT037]

All tracks are being composed and arranged between 2009 and 2011, using everydaylife home- and fieldrecordings in combination with digital editing en FX in attempt to construct lyrical and soothing structures of sound. This collection came together after using these specific tracks in situations of relaxation or even meditation. In an effort to combine 3 years of focussing on soundscapes, jmdkm tried to assemble a sensitive release, although edgy in some parts, the main notion remains to poetical and somewhat soothing…

Ethidium Imply – Malibu Dreams [SLNT036]

Often, we do not know what to say in specific situation. This album is the one of the answers to these situations.

Nulix – Soundgazing [SLNT035]

Release shaped deeply personal musical exploration; the end result is recorded on this album. Using the new workflow and record sound base is tailored from carefully recorded outside shots elements, combined with a sound analogy, the sound that comes out of the primordial darkness, devoid of earthly laws, sound ribbed electronic shamanism with massive sound spaces filled with pulsating rhythmic waves. Album smooth and warm furnishings are still somewhat more ambiguous, leaving listeners a room to find theirs version of the journey through sinister and mysterious world of recorded sounds.

Rasul Mono – Silhouettes [SLNT034]

"Silhouettes" is no more and no less than soundscape for the day-to-day life, work, rest, reflections and feelings. At times it's light and calm, other times it's melancholic and affecting, but inherently it's true and it's taken from real life.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 026 [BRE026]

A plateful of ambient, dub and experimental sounds for sophisticated gourmets. Bon appetit!

Alister Flint – Under The Surface [SLNT033]

"For my own part, I have never had a thought which I could not set down in words with even more distinctness than that with which I conceived it. There is, however, a class of fancies of exquisite delicacy which are not thoughts, and to which as yet I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt to language. These fancies arise in the soul, alas how rarely. Only at epochs of most intense tranquillity, when the bodily and mental health are in perfection. And at those weird points of time, where the confines of the waking world blend with the world of dreams. And so I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem, is but a dream within a dream."

Operator – Silent Steps Down An Empty Corridor [SLNT032]

"I become a noise amongst other noises. A whisper floating between the stars. Colored explosions of music everywhere but in the present. Just music… the rest is silence!"

Aphotic Starfield – Illumination In D-Minor [SLNT031]

Illumination In D-Minor - is an ambiguous release. On one hand - it's an aerial trip in the skies, into the abyss of space, on the other - it's an immersion into yourself. Bright and fascinating sound makes you want to listen to it over and over. And each time you'll find something new and absolutely new thoughts emerge.

BeatLove – Heart & Machine [SLNT030]

A stroke of love, an experimental air and electronic colors together to create compositions where the voiceand the rhythm hold hands. An ambient music, electric, where she provides the voice by growingenvironmental compositions with chords, power lines, drum machines, synthesizers and many effects.A commitment to downtempo and electronic music.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 025 BRE025 [BRE025]

A gentle trip to the clouds. Elevation and free fall back to the ground with music as your navigator.

Tapage & Rick de Greef – Outercloser Part Two [SLNT028]

The four tracks on Outercloser Part Two tell a moving story of a loss of direction, desperation and a search for meaning in a confusing world. Floating in a vacuum of drifting soundscapes and passing melodic phrases there is always a frighting undertone beneath the surface. Be prepared to drift along developingharmonies that balance between the echoes of our hopeful memories of the past and the terrifying prospects of an abandoned future.

Megatone – Pure Land [SLNT029]

A fantastic journey to unknown distant worlds, a phantasmagorical celebration of life and peace, where Star Wars, Dune and Final Fantasy meet Blade Runner and Tomb Raider.

Alister Flint – Alter Nativis [SLNT027]

Alter Nativis speaks of alternative worlds, other origins. Such as our inner and oneiric realms as well as worlds million kilometers away. But maybe most important, it is a gathering of musical snapshots, taken at random times, through various windows, while looking loop at some of these alternatives.

Monolith Cycle – Points of Aberrant [SLNT026]

'Points of Aberrant' is a fresh view on traditional ambient. Deep and silky sound fills the space with the memories from the past, leaving the listener alone with his thoughts in beautiful abandoned places. The worst part of this trip is coming back to reality when it all ends.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 024 [BRE024]

As the autumn weather changes so does the sound flows through the mind leaving microdepressive thoughts. Enjoy the moment.

Bleak House - Music From The Middle Room [SLNT025]

Welcome inside Bleak House, do take an armchair and settle by the fire. To maintain spirits in this Autumn retreat, the staff are... making noises. Luke's guitar is folding back on itself, flickering and flummoxing, Andy's fingers stumble from slumber around the pianoforte, and Robert's hands dance around in their percussive patter. Rest a while. What's that you say? Knocking? Oh no my dear, don't worry about the cellar. There's nothing in the cellar.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 023 [BRE023]

A breath of ambient in the middle of hot summer, a dive into the abyss of sounds

Bezdna Radio Essentials 022 [BRE022]

Take another deep dive into the calm ocean of sound with this wide genred compilation. [BRE022] brings you almost an hour and a half of finest netlabel music and includes two exclusive tracks by PlotKA and Solarein.

Angstrom Institute – The Return of SuperViolence [SLNT024]

The song – "Go" – got inspired by the cult movie “Blade Runner” and the question: “what makes us human and where are the boundaries to Artificial Intelligence?”. “Love Me like a Machine” is a hommage to the new series of “Battlestar Galactica”, where Humans and highly evolved Machines even loose their sight of difference by falling in love to each other. The outstanding “Substance-T” is an Epic, inspired by the movie: “A Scanner Darkly”, where nothing seems to be quite for sure until the great plan behind got uncovered at the end. “Blood and Tears” assembles the atmosphere of: “Dune” – a universe where humans are able to fold spacetime by their drug-altered minds. The triology of “Assassins” is about the most freightening scenario ever put on screen: “Terminator”, where our so highly blessed technology starts to think by their own and treats humanity as an enemy got to be erased, while the story behind treats with the interacting fabric of time. “The Sting” is for “The Fifth Element” – where love itself got treated as a weapon.

Tetarise – Wide Contemplation [SLNT023]

The warm wind caresses me, as I smile in return to bright morning sun and greet the new dawn. Dewdrops scattered silver all over the hillsides. The horison attracts like a loving mother, making a promise that all we be well. And I believe him with my heart and soul. The thoughts are far-away, there’s only joy of living. I have to be there…

jmdkm – Red Sea [SLNT022]

'Red Sea' is jmdkm’s 2nd audio release and is based on electro-acoustic improvisation. jmdkm likes to present an almost soothing notion of sound. This collection tries to capture a more beat-driven gesture. The arrangements are edgy, eerie and somewhat overwhelming perhaps. The general idea is to perform and represent true ambient.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 021 [BRE021]

The last of the cold winter days full of melancholy and depression are almost over. It's time to live again, it's time to explore.

LastEDEN – Sense of Peace [SLNT020]

“Sense of Peace” is a fine combination of instrumental sound in ambient – chillout format. Therelease is permeated with a romantic mood and invites the listener to dive into the ocean ofcalmness and serenity. Project’s name totally corresponds the content and depicts scenes of lostand, probably, last Garden of Eden.

Second Thought & Noisesurfer – Oncoming Storm [SLNT019]

Second Thought and Noisesurfer have worked together in the past, notably on two co-produced tracks on the first Noisesurfer album. This time they come together and each offer thirty minutes of music to form a haunting album of fuzzy dark ambience.Second Thought offers up three epic drone pieces, each setting a tone in its early moments and building slowly towards a thundering climax. Noisesurfer complements these pieces with a series of dusty shoegaze ambient works, fuzzy guitars and pianos buried beneath layers of synths and unknown sounds, forming a melancholy contrast to Second Thought's sinister first half.

Tetarise – Through the Silent Void [SLNT018]

The halcyon days... The wind disorderly shakes branches of the trees. Morning sunlight scatters on the ceiling, fingers numb from the cold. I listen attentively to the rustling leaves, slight ululation of the wind. I fall into a dream, I find myself among the trees white with frost, and the ground with a thin snow cover. The sky is dark, but it seems like the trees light everything around them like some sort of lanterns. I step barefoot on the slightly snowy path and move towards the exit from the thicket. In the midst of the meadow, I fall on my back and stretch my arms. Everythings blurs and the sky becomes closer. So quiet... So calm...

Megatone – Eden [SLNT017]

The material world is an illusion. Life is just a game and this is the most serious way to be. The purpose of life is already won and can never be lost. This world has no beginning and no end, and so is the infinite and eternal spirit within us. Once found a certain proof of the true nature of our spirit, no force in the universe, nothing and no one can influence us.This album is inspired from representations of paradises in various cultures, both Occidental and Oriental. It tends to explore a certain feeling of joy and fulfillment that persists as an intuition within each person, for every moment of one’s life, and probably can never be lost.

Kriipis Tulo & Space Contour – Plays Pierre Henry [SLNT016]

Live improvisations with prepared audio samples taken and carefully cutted from composition Balancement by Pierre Henry and recorded on open-reel tape recorder.

Alister Flint – Uchuu [SLNT015]

"Music (...) gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of (...) all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form..”'Uchuu' is a Japanese word for universe. It is about acceleration and regeneration. The album is born a year ago, following a collaborative project to put in music some of the latest scientific facts. However, 'Uchuu' is not about space and cosmos only, but about what surrounds us, and what makes us human. As we are all part of this acceleration and regeneration process, just as much as we are all influenced by it. Sometimes, it's beauty. Sometimes, it gets frightening, unsettling at least. 'Uchuu' is all that, and more, I hope.

[Esc.] Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – The Nexus Conspiracy [SLNT014]

“...I`m not trying to blast all modern music, but I think we should be aware of the fact that Satan can use it as his tool to pull us away from God and into chaotic thinking.”Hal Lindsey – “Satan is alive and well on planet Earth”The Nexus Conspiracy - the latest compilation extracted from a source pool of 23 projects – performed and hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms, brings strategies against easy listening – developed by Doc.AtmosfearCrush, Tomahawk & Machete.

Contact t.b.d. – StringStrang [SLNT013]

StringStrang is the acoustic follow-up of StrangString [ca358], where the dark side of sounds is explored. StringStrang is about minimalism and repetition, like waves of the sea which come and go. All instruments were recorded at home and the fieldrecordings were made in a corridor of a hospital.

[Esc.] Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – Kybrid_2010 [SLNT012]

“...The long revolution by which men have sought to translate nature into art we have long reffered to as `applied knowledge?.`Applied? means translated or carried across from one kind of material form into another.” Marshall McLuhan – “understanding media”

Mahi Bukimi – The Eclipse of Planet’s Beauty [SLNT011]

“There's no reality except the one contained within us. That's why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself.” Hermann Hesse

Second Thought – Treatments [SLNT010]

"Second Thought is quite a schizophrenic project with multiple personalities, and my best work has always come from reacting against my own music. After completing an album of strict compositions with distinct melodies and rhythms, I felt the need to take the opposite direction and work from a more electro-acoustic perspective, going back to audio editing. A number of sound sources are given the various 'treatments' and converted into entirely different, new pieces of music. This led to the finished EP, a series of ambient drone tracks which sound distinctly different from anything I've recorded previously."

Tetarise – k.a.m.a. [SLNT009]

“We know not what is good until we have lost it. ”Have you ever analyzed the past or asked yourself: “What if…”? Unsaid words, unfinished deeds, hopelessly lost time – all of it is like an echo with a delay fading into compressed and distorted reverberation. You’d wish to press “hold” and crash the memories into pieces once and for all.

Megatone – Anthology [SLNT007]

”Anthology” covers last 5 years of Megatone’s music activity. Divided into 3 parts with total duration of 1h 33min it depictures its author’s musical searches in the worlds of ambient, IDM, space, ambient experimental and cinematic neoclassical.

Nick R 61 – FREEMXS 2 [SLNT005]

Nick R 61 - FREEMXS is a series of remixes of different authors and different genres who participated in Nick's Contest.

Mahi Bukimi – The Forests of Kur Zeme [SLNT004]

The album guides the listener into the impressive and psychedelic trips through the forests around the Baltic sea, through the leaves and lakes, through baroque forest lights, the stars and the shadows, where you will never feel alone, where all the way at warm summer nights and foggy autumn mornings is full of beautiful emotions and transparent feelings – the things, that are not changing with the centuries.

Tetarise – Altworld [SLNT003]

"Altworld" is a trip to the depths of outer space and back, a harmony of sounds and colors which pictures a brand new world to its listener. It makes him forget about everyday problems and fly into unknown without fear to fall.

Nick R 61 – FREEMXS [SLNT002]

Nick R 61 - FREEMXS is a series of remixes of different authors and different genres who participated in Nick's Contest.

Megatone - The Book of Dreams vol.1 [SLNT001]

Album „The Book Of Dreams volume 1” is a journey into the misty world of dreamscapes. Symbolic hypnagogic images represent deeper aspects of the human soul. These symbols and archetypes are vessels for a volume of knowledge, meanings and interpretations far larger than it could be ever expressed thru spoken language.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 005 [BRE005]

BRE005 is a worthy continuation of the collection. Bit more dynamic than previous ones, nevertheless deep in its essence. Astrowind's Autumn Drifting became the first 'Silent Flow Exclusive' track which later triggered a new branch of SF actvity: artist-oriented albums and singles - the 'SLNTs'.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 004 [BRE004]

It's about a walk in an alley, it's about a dream of fireworks, it's about deep forests and warm lights. Perfect lifeforms, atmospheric trips, mercury collectors - all here.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 003 [BRE003]

Stylistic horizons are even more widely expanded in this compilation. Deep as we like it - is probably the best motto for BRE003.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 002 [BRE002]

BRE002 demonstrates that the collection is not ambient-experimental only. Deep, dub, psychill fit in perfectly here and are integral parts of it. 'Essentials' become a journey. This material is the result of collaboration between netlabels and artists of different genres which would probably never meet anywhere else.

Bezdna Radio Essentials 001 [BRE001]

Silent Flow pilot release. As it turned out later this compilation started a whole series of high quality wide genred releases under the [BRE] sign. Today there are hundreds of artists who managed to be part of it. In spite of the fact that this is the first release, it is still a great example of how label's music should sound like.