Silent Flow

ambient, experimental, jazz label

Melting Clouds – Time [SLNT123]

Dive into the silence of life to completely clear the way

Melting Clouds – II [SLNT122]

Crystal dust through two paths - magnets with the same pole.

Kelebek Evrimi – The Butterfly's Burden [SLNT120]

A unique ethno-western mix of Turkish/Bulgarian traditional music with western styles, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ivitsa of Alshar Studio in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Nicolas Tourney – Nothingness [SLNT119]

A on-site Odyssey, to go beyond the night.

Zen in a Nightclub – Bells [SLNT118]

Second EP release of the international improvisation collaboration project called Zen in a Nightclub.

Anton Silaev – OST “Eastern Front” [SLNT117]

This is a story about the fateful fatal error of choice, which became the cause of the most brutal war in the history of mankind.

Whalt Thisney – Holothisc [SLNT116]

Touching and tender as it is elegant and enchanting... A frail and fragile classicist toning, the melancholic murmurs of the delicately intimate key touching and the sighing string arrangements exact a lonesome, somewhat.

Zen in a Nightclub – The Mass Pursuit of Nothingness [SLNT115]

This is the debut release of the international mix-media/cross-genre collaboration project called, 'Zen in a Nightclub'.

Various Artists – Kantele [SLNT114]

Variations on the finnish folk song "Luullahan jotta on lysti olla"

Anton Silaev – OST "Последний лимузин" [SLNT113]

Imagine that everything you did before isn't needed by anyone. A story about people holding on with all their might to the usual order and professional pride to withstand in circumstances when everything around is crumbling.

MPHM – La Pelouse [SLNT112]

A la croisée du reportage et du field-recording, la matière même de cet enregistrement a été prolongée par ce qui me paraissait naturel et inscrit en creux.

In Vitro – Energeia [SLNT111]

Energeia is the condensation of musical themes focused on philosophy, theology and faith.

Flavigula - Bons Mots (the death of...) [SLNT110]

Out of plaintive modal drones emerge shifting melodies and textures that ring a narration and a harmonic dialog between us and that which we believe oversees us.

Eko Fisk – Psychopaths On The Western Frontier [SLNT109]

Travel to escape, at the end of the yellow line, distant gods and faded signs.
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