[Esc.] Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – Kybrid_2010 [SLNT012]

“...The long revolution by which men have sought to translate nature into art we have long reffered to as `applied knowledge?.`Applied? means translated or carried across from one kind of material form into another.” Marshall McLuhan – “understanding media”The latest compilation – extracted from a source pool of 23 different projects – performed and hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms, scratches the surface of the hypnotic experimental sound developed by Doc.AtmosfearCrush, Tomahawk & Machete.The journey begins with the incredible [angstrom:institute] – taking us deep into the rabbit-hole by their dark pulsating beats and concussive ambient melodies. While we got carried further into the labyrinth by [Flux:Kompensator] - combining alien soundscapes and the Dub-like feeling of abandoned cities of concrete and steel – we got uncertainly crushed by the heavy – voodoo of [Gumbatz Monev`s Green Elecktrode] – corrupting the avantgardistic Dub by glitchy nails, made of narrative sounds.We get some rest by listening to the veteran sonic cultists of [interrupt:Jumper] – celebrating the ritual of industrial chill out music.Now to something completly different - [meta:Human] is the voice, talking to us about the dark-future, cyber-punk and virtual realities - armed with distortion and the fiendly beats from the streets of the sprawl. By the way – it`s time to lend our ears to [phace/it!] and the two sides of their melancholy - smooth flowing beats, then blown away by the archaic animalism inside us all.The renegade Cylons of [revolting:Robotniks] infiltrate our central nerve system by their brilliant interpretation of `how an organic mainframe should sound? - cyborg-jazz gives in the fusion with experimental ambient beats. [Throatwobbler:Manegrove] hides between sleep and wake, just to make sure the overdose won`t kill the circuits – grainy beats are the flesh for the skelletons of post-industrial ambient bodies.Right when it begins to realy hurt - [Tomahawk] comes along with his healing fusion of modern tribal folk and cyberdelic-ambient-blues. Nearly at the end of our trip through the unusual sound dimensions created by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – let`s meet [ur:neon:ono] - answering the questions of occult mysticism by their `sub-bass dominated way? of an utopic feed to systematicly dearrange their caught-up sounds. To complete this compilation only the presence of [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] is left to be carried on board – influenced by the reptile spirituality of experimenatl minimalistic noise collisions and bonded by glitchy down beats.