Angstrom Institute – Unamica [SLNT055]

"We build better worlds" – Weyland-Yutani. The follow-up album "Unamica" is a futuristic piece of ambient music-storytelling, recorded and produced between the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013, dominated by dirty alien electro beats, cinematic- distorted sounds and hypnotizing ambient melodies.Let's start with the epic track "A Call to Arms" and enter an archaic out-post-world where the days are infernal hot and only the hours of night got filled by life. "Strategies of Life" is the sound of silicium-based live ready to crossbreed with the human race. "Born" as a hybrid lifeform time got to show what part will get the Triumph of the Will. The ritualistic track "Turn On (part 2)" uncovers the journey deep into the hybrid mind. "Unamica" – the title track – got drawn by the pressure of an uncertain future for the hybrid race.Unfortunately love dissolves all outrageous thoughts of corruption by the "Kisses" of the hybrid-queen. "Melange" is what marks the end of evolutionary processing – and will start a new geneartion of revolutions.... to be continued...