Angstrom Institute – Origin Of Ghosts [SLNT075]

Inspired by the whole Cyberpunk genre, like Neuromancer, Ghost in a Shell, Bladerunner – Angstrom Institute takes you on a journey of storytelling. It quite seems we’re already live in such utopia times... “Failed” is about the tragedy of “good” technologies also got twisted as dark technologies – building new kind of strategic weapons, based on computer programs. “Grizzleing (Tribe, Non-Radio, Radio)” is a three songs tale of manipulating the ways of life using digital communication sources. “Twilight She / #2” offers urban rituals for reproducing. “Panoptikum” is about the treatment of information by modern media – information still means POWER! “Origin of Ghosts” re-sounds the birth of the first human generated KI. “Songs of Sirens / Reprise” is what the KI felt at birth. “Rebell” is for all the free-thinking people, serving us every moment in our lives the pure truth! “How we laugh” is about the end of our known digital world by the detonation of an EMP-bomb as an act of environmental terrorists...