Angstrom Institute – Better Than Life [SLNT066]

The album starts with the epic title-song “Better Than Life” and brings the listener directly into the dystopic shady worlds of Angstrom Institute. Sounds from the underground form the base upon broken beats and glitched rhythms also find their places, as well as 4-on-the-floor kicks. “Oxidizer” is of the last mentioned ones, before it slips into an unusual melody, as a description of all of the steel around us – now slowly corroding. Disturbing harmony infected the “Suizider” – no one gets here out alive! A real down-beat moment is “Catch”: like beating hearts, pulsating vulcanos and dying angels. The dark dub song “Kamikaze Pussy” could be also a spacecraft, build only to crash into the sun. The epic song Lords of the Halo is a psychedelic sound-trip, progressive and with a steady underground vibe.