Tetarise – k.a.m.a. [SLNT009]

“We know not what is good until we have lost it. ”Have you ever analyzed the past or asked yourself: “What if…”? Unsaid words, unfinished deeds, hopelessly lost time – all of it is like an echo with a delay fading into compressed and distorted reverberation. You’d wish to press “hold” and crash the memories into pieces once and for all.“k.a.m.a. – is an attempt to recreate certain episodes of my past. Various memories come to thought – some are good, some aren’t. They are partial, blurred and fullfilled with the imagination. That’s why almost half of them are garbled and seem more like a dream rather than reality. Most usual and common episodes become warmer and enlightened, even can cause joy or a smile. Significant events resemble miracles in the darkness of everyday life.The first track “Locked Deep Inside” is a preamble. It’s like I’m rummaging the closet, throwing away the rubbish and stumbling upon a music box. Its melody is like something that passed away long ago. Slowly it grows into something bigger, breaking the borders of past and present, reality and fantasy.”

  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 1. Locked Deep Inside [07:27]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 2. A Little Bit About Miracles [07:42]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 3. Last Talk [07:51]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 4. Quiet Winter [08:25]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 5. North-West Connection (Rework 2010) [09:13]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 6. Absolute Kindness [06:00]

08 Feb 2010
Russian CJ, born in 1987 in Kursk (Russia). He was surrounded by music from early childhood. In 2000-2002 starts experimenting with trance. In 2003 tries different sequencers, programming synthesizers, tries to create his own sound. In 2006 releases all his early works under alias "Yevgen". Later tries himself as a remixer on an electronic music site. As a result 3 remixes where released. "Yevgen" becomes "Tetarise" in 2008. Tetarise doesn't have a specific genre. It's mostly trance (melodic, progressive, psychedelic), although chillout and ambient parts can be also found. Inspired by BT, Jirah, Shulman, Tetarise starts writing beautiful atmospheric music, light and aery trance, accompanied by rough techno rythms or melancholic chillout.