Jon E.K. - From The Wound Comes Salvation [SLNT137]

Grief. Acceptance. The Silence. The Struggle. The Letting Go. Stillness. Peace. The Journey Towards the Center. Where From the Wound Comes Salvation.

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From The Wound Comes Salvation was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jon E.K.
Cover art by Cornelius J. Martin (

11 Oct 2023
I’m immensely curious about sound and music. Recently, music designed to accompany a meditation or spiritual practice. It’s often spacious, relaxing, sometimes lively, but always in honor and support of the intentional journey of inner healing and evolution. It uses neuro-acoustic technology that impacts the brainwaves and the nervous system beneficially, especially over time, when used with headphones. I create sound altars.