[Esc.] Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – Kybrid_2010 [SLNT012]

“...The long revolution by which men have sought to translate nature into art we have long reffered to as `applied knowledge?.`Applied? means translated or carried across from one kind of material form into another.” Marshall McLuhan – “understanding media”The latest compilation – extracted from a source pool of 23 different projects – performed and hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms, scratches the surface of the hypnotic experimental sound developed by Doc.AtmosfearCrush, Tomahawk & Machete.The journey begins with the incredible [angstrom:institute] – taking us deep into the rabbit-hole by their dark pulsating beats and concussive ambient melodies. While we got carried further into the labyrinth by [Flux:Kompensator] - combining alien soundscapes and the Dub-like feeling of abandoned cities of concrete and steel – we got uncertainly crushed by the heavy – voodoo of [Gumbatz Monev`s Green Elecktrode] – corrupting the avantgardistic Dub by glitchy nails, made of narrative sounds.We get some rest by listening to the veteran sonic cultists of [interrupt:Jumper] – celebrating the ritual of industrial chill out music.Now to something completly different - [meta:Human] is the voice, talking to us about the dark-future, cyber-punk and virtual realities - armed with distortion and the fiendly beats from the streets of the sprawl. By the way – it`s time to lend our ears to [phace/it!] and the two sides of their melancholy - smooth flowing beats, then blown away by the archaic animalism inside us all.The renegade Cylons of [revolting:Robotniks] infiltrate our central nerve system by their brilliant interpretation of `how an organic mainframe should sound? - cyborg-jazz gives in the fusion with experimental ambient beats. [Throatwobbler:Manegrove] hides between sleep and wake, just to make sure the overdose won`t kill the circuits – grainy beats are the flesh for the skelletons of post-industrial ambient bodies.Right when it begins to realy hurt - [Tomahawk] comes along with his healing fusion of modern tribal folk and cyberdelic-ambient-blues. Nearly at the end of our trip through the unusual sound dimensions created by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms – let`s meet [ur:neon:ono] - answering the questions of occult mysticism by their `sub-bass dominated way? of an utopic feed to systematicly dearrange their caught-up sounds. To complete this compilation only the presence of [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] is left to be carried on board – influenced by the reptile spirituality of experimenatl minimalistic noise collisions and bonded by glitchy down beats.

  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 1. [angstrom:institute] – Go [08:58]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 2. [angstrom:institute] – Goodbye Control [08:33]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 3. [Flux:Kompensator] – Endless [05:05]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 4. [Gumbatz Monev’s Green Elecktrode] – Slickers [05:43]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 5. [interrupt:Jumper] – Home, Sweet Metropolis [08:42]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 6. [meta:Human] – Changer of Ways [07:14]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 7. [meta:Human] – Dusk [07:28]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 8. [phace/it!] – Protect Your Homeland [06:48]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 9. [phace/it!] – Slow Drain to Gnawn [07:57]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 10. [revolting:Robotniks] – Call of the Night [13:16]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 11. [revolting:Robotniks] – Move On [03:38]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 12. [Throatwobbler:Manegrove] – Event [03:52]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 13. [Tomahawk] – Monimania [09:55]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 14. [Tomahawk] – sol2Qx [08:05]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 15. [ur:neon:ono] – Rectum Dub Rocker [05:06]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 16. [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] – Adenochrome [11:10]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 17. [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] – Nine Pages [04:36]

20 Mar 2010
The independent motor-music-monster-machine of Alexander Seewald a.k.a. ”Doc.AtmosfearCrush” (research + manipulation), Tobias Kramer a.k.a. “Tomahawk” (guitar + healing), Marco Muller a.k.a. “theMachete” (electro + punk) and the artfatale.com designer Harry Seifert a.k.a. “theHarlequin” (design + fury) - form the pulsating heart of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms. The Project-Studio is hosted in the cellar of the Art Factory / Worms, an old industrial building of concrete and steel. Since 1979 it has been a place for alternative art and living. Every piece of music is a recorded inspiration, moments reflected by the location`s very own social environment of converted architecture and heretic structure. The characteristic sound of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms is generated by the use of strange instruments made of alien insect bodies and strongly recomended digital manipulations and de-synthesis. An amount of excessive rituals gives birth to the music that had whispered all the time - from the grains of noise – upon our ears. Now, reconfigured in a very sonic way. Further live-jams evolve the bits until they`ve reached the destination of the data storage. The drifting act between the conceptional live-performances and the creative chaos of the studio-sessions brings the dynamic colour and the driving force. At legendary sessions celebrated in the the studio, [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms got re-enforced by Steffen K. a.k.a. “DD-380” (bass + armageddon). Constantly, our skeleton androids drive all our uninvited guests to get involved, too. After the ghost dance, Doc.AtmosfearCrush touches the tapes with his sophisticated hands and manipulates their magnetic structure by the use of archaic occult methods – not further mentioned. The massive output is representing the different split-personalities, hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms. Beside the continuety of live performances at exhibitions, composing music for theatre and film - also the recording, sound design and the production of other artists got realised. A pantheon of project-based albums, compilations and remixes got released by the support of many extravagant netlabels and hostaged artists, as well as some exclusive releases on Vinyl, CD and strictly limited authentic art-collector`s CDs. Get connected to the phantastic sound of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms.