Eric Jackson – The Distant [SLNT039]

A voyage into long-form composition. All sounds are produced with guitars and use a 13 Limit Just Intonation tuning. The piece builds off a drone of a harmonic series chord making use of the 7th harmonic. Fragments of the chord play over it while horn like passages play through a series of just intonation pitches. Deep in the background, complex chords called "Nova Chords" generate a solid unshakeable foundation. As the song progresses, microtonal and fretless guitars guide the listener towards a dual cycle of a scale pattern and arpeggio. The song ends on the swelling and culmination of chords featured throughout the piece.

  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 1. The Distant [56:47]

The instruments used were a custom FreeNote 12 Tone Ultra Plus 7 string guitar and a fretless 7 string guitar.

15 Jun 2012
Born in USA, Eric Jackson grew up around music. Throughout his teenage years and early twenties, he had played guitar in various metal and rock bands. After composing music on his own for sometime and finishing a metal album in 2009, he slowly became enchanted by the ambient genre and various soundscapes and drones. After studying Just Intonation with pioneer Jon Catler in 2011, Eric finally had the tools needed to embrace ambient soundscapes. He’s left all other musical genres behind to pursue ambience, drones, and soundscapes.