Clayton Alpha – Korsakoff II [SLNT050]

Korsakoff II is the final part of the Korsakoff EP series. The main inspiration has been the Korsakoff Syndrome (a neurological disorder leading to gradual loss of memory) and the photographic work of Daniel Meade. When segments of memory vanish, something always takes their place; be it a smile that was never there or the warmth of a place we only thought that existed. These little details conclude to new stories, they are part of a lifetime we will never unravel. Each track of Korsakoff should retain its own identity, while being a crucial part of a systematic whole.

  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 1. In Awe Of The Absent [08:02]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 2. Last Light Of An Unsung You [09:32]
  • play_circle_outline pause_circle_outline 3. Paramnesia [05:09]

17 Mar 2013
Clayton Alpha has been experimenting with minimal and soundscape sounds for a few years but it had never occured to release until 2011. It was then that he decided to use the name 'Clayton Alpha' for everything he is involved in and began to write music mostly inspired by & composed for films.